Original songs of hope and gratitude.

Carla Lynne Hall and Jim Keyes began performing and writing music together in 2016. Soon we found ourselves providing music for Sunday services, wedding ceremonies, and memorial services.

Over time, our musical partnership developed into a romance, and in late 2019 we married. When the pandemic hit, we were approached by churches and spiritual centers who needed music for their online remote services. It was then that we realized the need for music of hope, healing, and inspiration.

Below is a selection of our songs. Enjoy!


Turn To The Light

This song was written for an online Easter service, April 2020. We were trying to inspire optimism during such dark times.

In The Meantime

We literally wrote this song in the dark. The power had gone out while we were working on music for a service. We had to wait for the power to return in order to continue, but in the meantime, we'd write a song. This video is an example of when we're asked for a simple, live performance video.

Keepin' On

We were asked by a local women's' choir to write a song of hope and empowerment for Women's Day. We also made this video for an online Unity Center service. The center is in New York City, which was under lockdown at the time. We thought the congregants might enjoy a drive in the country.

This, Or Something Better

The title of this song is taken from an affirmation. The video was also produced for a Unity Center online service.



Known as "Carla & Keyes", Carla Lynne Hall and Jim Keyes are a performing duo based in Ossining, New York.

To invite them to perform any of these programs for your church or spiritual center, please email hello@carlaandkeyes.com, or call 914 659 7468.